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Hiring the Sherriff Goslin Roofing Company was the worst mistake of our entire lives. We endured ten month of ***. Their salesman Mike lied to get the job, stating they could restore overhang and boxed gutters and give us a new roof. Nothing was farther from the truth! Mike also told us and wrote in our contract that they would not start the roof until the boxed gutters and overhang were restored. He lied! They started the overhang, boxed gutters and roof the same day. The overhang and boxed gutters never got the attention they desperately need.

The restored overhang is ***. Mitered corners have 3/4" gaps filled with caulk, no one had the skill to cut them. Caulk was used extensively to cover up lack of skill, knowledge and pride in their work. Restored boxed gutters did not flow down to the downspouts. We can go on and on.

The roof was worse. Ben the manger and his boys did not have the basic knowledge and skill to do our roof. Nobody took pride in their work. Top that off with the fraudulent roof vents they put on. Yea, they just tacked on ridge vents. No slots were cut through the roof so the vents could actually function as vents (fraud). The roof was completely ***. There were spots where the shingles looked like they were placed over bubbles, more than just a few spots. Ben and his boys didn't know you start shingling from the gable ends and work your way to the valleys, basic roofing 101. They started from the valleys. Because of this there were slivers of shingle tabs on the gable ends. Shingles were cut off inconsistently so they stuck out over the ends of the roof 1/2 to 3 inches. On most of the gable ends the shingles curled upward. There were gaps between shingles of 1". The seams between shingles wonder to the left and right. Starting at the gable ends would have given them a straight edge to start from. Underneath the shingles there were areas where wood sheeting needed replaced or added. A 12" x 16" spot was all roofing felt, shingles and nails, no wood sheeting. Nobody knew anything about flashing and boxed gutters, another story!

What a mess our roof was. All Ben wanted to do was BS us and refused to do anything substantial to fix our roof. We took a lot of pictures showing all this as proof. We kept a daily log file. We have an eyewitness to and pictures of, the fraudulent ridge vents. After a monumental effort on our part we got the corporation to step up, hand pick a crew, completely tear off everything and put on a complete new roof, boxed gutters and flashing. Now you might think the corporation made things right. No. We were forced to settle for an overhang that is still ***. The overhang was the only reason we hired this company. Many companies wanted to do our roof, but they did not lie and tell us they could restore our overhang and boxed gutters. And you don't what we had to go through to get the corporation to step up and the length of time that took. From the day we signed the contract to the day we received the final invoice was one whole year (average size roof, about 33 squares).

Steve the executive vice president, thought he would be funny (disrespectful) and put on the invoice that he, Mike and Ben all now had a continuing interest in our roof through the ten year guarantee portion of our contract. He did this right after they got done tearing off everything that Mike and Ben were responsible for. Very funny Steve, ha, ha! Mike and Ben never took any interest in our roof! The roof they were responsible for, that had to be torn off, is proof of that!

The disrespect we endured was unbearable. Ben constantly fed us BS about our *** roof. Ben's boys purposely left 3 ladders up all winter, a constant reminder of the *** we were living thru! On the last day they worked until spring, Ben's boys spilt a half gallon of paint on our brick patio and left, never returning to clean it up! Trust us, there were many other things done to show their disrespect for us.

The job took the better part of a year. We got to know this company and personal very well. We know who they truly are! What we wrote in this review is just the tip of the iceberg. There isn’t enough allotted space to tell you everything. With our pictures, log file, witness and emails, we can prove everything stated in this review. We saw no quality in the Sherriff Goslin Company. No one has ever given us a reason why a roof that was so crappy it had to be removed, was allowed to be put on. No one has given us a reason why roofers were allowed to put on fraudulent ridge vents. No one can justify the *** overhang we still have. And no one responsible for all these things has ever apologized. Ask yourself this. Why did the corporation have to handpick a crew to tear off their *** and put on another new roof when they put roofs on for a living? If you hire this company, the crew that puts on your roof will not be handpicked!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. onepoc stated that there is a room for improvement of substandard roof and overhang they gave us. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of sherriff goslin roofing roofing and associated monetary loss in the amount of $10000. Sherriff Goslin Roofing needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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