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All views expressed in this review are our own and do not necessarily represent the Sherriff-Goslin Company's (noting the Mansfield, Ohio branch), the BBB's (noting the BBB serving Western Michigan) and the CBBB's positions, strategies or opinions. We openly challenge the BBB and CBBB and their client the Sherriff-Goslin Company to dispute any accusation made in this review.

For the record, we say they won't! We have tried numerous times in the past! We would be willing to amend any incorrect accusations made. Unlike the BBB and their client the Sherriff-Goslin Company, we're just interested in telling you the truth!

The BBB states accredited companies are held to a higher standard than unaccredited companies. Our review will prove that is a lie. We will prove accredited companies are held to a lower standard. Tell us BBB & CBBB, how many of the below items break the BBB's Code of Business Practices for a BBB A+ accredited company?

We say the Sherriff-Goslin Company broke four out eight of your principles. They broke principles 3, 5, 6 & 8. Dispute this BBB! The items listed below are true.

Neither the Sherriff-Goslin Company nor the BBB has ever disputed them! 1. The Sherriff-Gosling Company Mansfield Ohio branch (a roofing company) scammed us to get our job, convincing us they could restore our roof, overhang and boxed gutters. The following proves they did not, by any stretch of the imagination employ personal with the skill and knowledge to do the job they sold us.

2. Mike Kauffman, their salesman promised us, (he lied) they would not start on the roof until the overhang and boxed gutters were restored. We demanded this so our overhang and boxed gutters would get the attention they needed. It was written into our contact.

The last words in our contract read: "roof last". They broke the contract, starting the roof, overhang and boxed gutters the same day. We received a roof, boxed gutters and overhang that can only be described as *** (rubbish)! So bad that the new roof and boxed gutters had to be completely torn off and replaced!

3. Our contract called for a complete tear off of the existing roof. The majority of the boxed gutters, an integral part of the roof, carelessly got covered over. The depth of these gutters had become shallow due to being cover over for 130+ years and were not functioning, water was running over the edges.

Two sections of the restored boxed gutters failed to slope down to where the downspouts connected. No one from the Sherriff-Goslin Company knew anything about boxed gutters. That became blatantly obvious as the job progressed. The roofers even admitted they had very little experience (none) with boxed gutters!

4. A roofing company should be able to put a good roof on. We only hired the Sherriff-Gosling Company because they promised us (lied) they could restore our overhang and boxed gutters. We were amazed to find out this company didn't even know basic roofing.

Our roof consists of four main gables that come together like a cross. Any good roofing company will confirm you start shingling from the gable ends and work your way to the valleys (basic roofing 101). This company started from the valleys. Because of this there were slivers of shingle on all gable ends, inconsistent shingle size on all gable ends, shingles that curled upward on the majority of the gable ends, spaces of up to one inch between shingles, a large number of areas where shingles did not lay flat (looked like they were place over big bubbles) and a number of areas where wood planking should have been replaced.

One 16" x 12" area was all felt, shingles and nails, no wood support underneath. Quality roofing? We think not! We have lots of pictures for proof.

5. Ben Weiss the manager of the Mansfield branch was brash, arrogant, condescending and very narcissistic. When asked why his roofers started from the valleys, he flat-out lied to us (BS) stating: "We trained our roofers to roof from left to right, that's why they started from the valleys." When asked what happened on the other side of the gable where left to right meant they should have started from the gable ends, he stated: "Sometimes we adjust" and then quickly moved on to all the other problems needing addressed! This type of lying (BS) was typical from Ben.

It was insulting to us and it didn't take long to lose all respect for the man. 6. Flashing, let just say "what flashing”! All flashing on our roof now was not done by the Mansfield branch.

It was proven over and over this branch employed no one with the knowledge and skill to install flashing correctly. Yes, we have pictures! 7. The whole roof put on by the Mansfield branch was *** (rubbish).

If it looked like *** (rubbish) on top, chances were what was underneath was *** (rubbish) too. It was proven it was! Yes, we have pictures! 8.

The overhang was *** (rubbish) too. A square and level was never used. Numerous tubes of caulk were used to cover up their lack of skill and knowledge. The entire upper fascia (crown molding) requiring mitered cuts have 3/4" gaps filled with caulk on every corner.

Corbels taken down and put back up were damaged and never repaired. Painting was done in late December when the temperature was freezing. We are seeing paint peeling and the caulking in the crown molding corners has sucked in. Constantly exposed to hot and cold temperatures, it will get worse and fall out.

Yes, we have pictures! 9. If all of the above wasn't enough of an insult to us, they weren't finished. Our contract called for ridge vents.

They put on ridge caps. When they realized they needed to put ridge vents on, they committed fraud (intent to defraud). They didn't remove the ridge caps and they didn't cut slots thru the ridge. They just tacked on the fraudulent ridge vents.

These ridge vents couldn't function as vents because no slots were cut thru the roof. Ben just rolled his eyes when we told him. He wasn't surprised and never apologized for it or anything else he and his boys did to us. Yes, we have pictures and more, an eye witness!

If you know anyone who had their roof done by Sherriff-Goslin (especially the Mansfield branch) and paid for ridge vents, you might want to tell them to go up into their attic and check for slots cut though the ridge. They will be visible if they are there. If they don't find any do not contact Sherriff-Goslin. Take pictures, call the local police and file fraud charges.

We were told this by our local prosecuting attorney. There are a large number of complaints filed for shingles failing. Lack of proper ventilation is a leading cause of shingles failing early. After dealing with this company for a year, it is our opinion our roof was not the first time Ben and his boys put on fraudulent ridge vents.

The boys that did this are still working for Ben. They should have been fired on the spot. 10. What they did to show their disrespect for us.

They broke a concrete splash block, broke and killed multiple plants and shrubs, bent two metal fences, took (stole) our push broom, left three ladders up all winter long (they wouldn't come close to passing OSHA regulations) and spilt a half of gallon of paint on our patio. On the last day they worked until spring they spilt a half a gallon (probably more) of blue paint on our brick patio and then just left. They never returned to clean it up. Ben said: "That's unacceptable".

Really Ben, you think! What about the *** (rubbish) roof, boxed gutters, overhang and fraudulent ridge vents that you gave us? It was proven they were unacceptable too! Yes, we have pictures of all this!

11. Ben Weiss is a very smooth talker. He came up five times to go over the problems on our roof, boxed gutters and overhang. Every time he left we thought he was going to man-up, accept responsibility and fix the *** (rubbish) he was responsible for.

By the third time we faced reality and knew he wasn't going to do anything substantial to fix his *** (rubbish). He was just BS-ing us and dragging it out, hoping we would get tired and accept his *** (rubbish)! So around this time we sent emails to the president and vice presidents, showing them a picture of the roof Ben and Mike gave us. We had shown the picture to many friends.

Believe or not, they thought it was a picture of our old roof! When a VP replied to our email, he said he had talked to Ben and was sure Ben was going to fix our roof. We told him we trusted Ben and Mike to give us a good roof, boxed gutters and overhang. All we got was *** (rubbish), lying, a broken contract, fraud and disrespect and then asked the VP why he thought we should trust Ben to fix the *** (rubbish) that he was responsible for.

12. Right from the start we saw the job going bad. We felt the need, so we started keeping a log file of everything that happened for each day Sherriff-Goslin worked on our roof. We took hundreds of pictures of the *** (rubbish) Ben and Mike was responsible for.

We have pictures of our eyewitness, in our attic, shinning a flashlight up, confirming no slots were cut through the roof for the fraudulent ridge vents. We kept all emails sent to Ben and the VPs. We can easily prove everything stated in this review and they know it. 13.

I have two associate degrees, Mechanical Engineering and Architecture. While getting these degrees I worked construction. I have helped put on more than a couple roofs in my life. I am by no means an expert roofer.

So it was shocking to us that this company didn't seem to know as much about roofing as I did. We're not kidding! 14. The corporation finally sent their own guy down to examined the roof.

His name was Joe. By this time Ben had fixed some of the obvious things. He also tore off and re-shingled two sections of the roof, tried to flash around the chimney again and added flashing to our porches. Joe climbed all over the roof.

He then talked about the two sections of roof Ben had just redone. Joe stated: "They didn't do any better the second time did they". Joe also stated; "We don't use membrane to flash around a chimney, it won't last, we use metal" and then Joe said "We don't nail through flashing." Again Ben's flashing is another long story. It was confirmed that everything Mike, Ben and Ben's boys did was *** (rubbish) and need to be replaced.

We already knew this! 15. The first time Ben came up to go over his *** (rubbish) roof, boxed gutters and overhang, we told him: "We wouldn't pay another penny for what was needed to fix all his *** (rubbish)". Ben replied by saying: "We wouldn't ask you to".

This was another lie. It ended up costing us the price of a good overhang. After a very long and laborious effort on our part the corporation finally agreed to fix Ben's *** (rubbish) roof. This didn't just happen, we had to fight for it with everything we had, trust us.

They even had their lawyer call us and try to scare us into backing off. I didn't work! We had already contacted a lawyer. With all the proof we had compiled and knowing where our case was headed (legal action) they reluctantly agreed to fix the roof.

If you think they made things right, your wrong. They forced us to accept Ben's *** (rubbish) overhang to get them to put on a good roof. Remember the overhang was the only reason we hired this company! 16.

The corporation handpicked a crew to tear off and replace Ben's *** (rubbish) roof and box gutters. If you hire Sherriff-Goslin, the crew that does your roof will not be handpicked. After dealing with the Sheriff-Goslin Company, we wouldn't hire them to put on a garage roof! They’re a roofing company.

Ask yourself why they had to handpick a crew to get a good roof put on. 17. The roofing job took one whole year. From the day we signed the contract to the day we received the invoice was exactly 365 days.

Our residential roof isn't that big, only 33 squares. During this time the wife and I (we are in are early sixties) lived through *** (purgatory) and consider this time in our lives to be the worst we ever had to endure! There are no words that can explain the pain and anguish we felt during this time. We suffered.

Our friends and family will testify to this! We wouldn't wish what happen to us on our worst enemies. One whole year! Really Ben and Mike!

18. After all the above happened, the Sherriff-Goslin Company would not stop disrespecting us. Steve Ticknor, the executive vise-president just had to poke fun at us. He mocked us in the final invoice stating that he, Mike Kauffman and Ben Weiss all now had a continuing interest in our roof though the ten year guarantee portion of our contract.

Stating this right after they just got done tearing off and replacing everything Ben and Mike were responsible for. It wasn't funny Steve! You couldn't have been more insensitive and disrespectful! The only thing left that Ben and Mike were responsible for is the overhang.

It is still *** (rubbish) today. Steve proved the behavior, attitude, disrespect, lying and lack of integrity towards customers carried all the way up to the top of the Sherriff-Goslin Company! Steve is the man solely responsible for driving us to file all our complaints and reviews. What Ben and Mike did to us was despicable, but it was Steve's final insult that fueled our drive to continue on and expose this company and the BBB for who you they truly are!

All we're doing is telling the truth about what happened and hope the public will starts to understand what type of company Sherriff-Goslin truly is! Hopefully then the public will wake up and come to understand the BBB is just one big protection scam with only one purpose, making companies like Sherriff-Goslin appear to be quality companies! Quality companies do not do what Sherriff-Goslin did to us! DO NOT HIRE THE SHERRIFF-GOSLIN COMPANY!

To all consumers. If you don't think were telling the truth, stop reading now. Save yourself some time. If you do believe we're telling the truth, continue on.

We will show you how the BBB keeps companies like Sherriff-Goslin rated A+, proving that BBB accredited companies are held to lower standard, not a higher standard than unaccredited BBB companies. Because of Steve Ticknor's disrespect towards us, we filed a complaint with the BBB. The length of our complaint dwarfs this review, and we didn't even tell them everything. We included almost two dozen pictures and a group of emails.

We gave the BBB indisputable evidence that proved everything we had stated was true. In our complaint we stated that we were happy with the roof the corporation gave us. We even thanked one VP and the crew he picked to fixed Ben's *** (rubbish). But our complaint wasn't about the roof the corporation gave us.

It was about the roof the Mansfield branch gave us. It was about the contract they broke, the fraud they committed, the constant lying and disrespect they showed us, the year they took to put on a good roof and the *** (rubbish) overhang they handed us and forced us to accept. Sherriff-Goslin's rebuttal addressed none of the accusations we made. All they stated was how disappointed they were with us for being unhappy with the roof the corporation gave us.

They refused to address any accusation we made and never mentioned the *** (rubbish) overhang will still had and were forced to accept. We rebutted by stating they needed to directly address the accusations made and that we still had an overhang that was all *** (rubbish), dispute that! They had until January 4th to make their second rebuttal. We had to ask the BBB twice for their rebuttal.

So much for a BBB A+ accredited company being held to a prompt on time response. Another factor that affects BBB ratings. Right BBB! They didn't respond until January 21st (seventeen days late).

It didn't really matter. The BBB didn't care what was in the rebuttal. They were just waiting for any response so they could "Administratively Close" our complaint using "AJR". We check our complaint on January 21 at 2:00 pm and saw no rebuttal.

We checked our complaint January 22 at 6:30 am in the morning and saw this: (We have a screen capture and download of our complaint for proof. We have always felt the neessity to document everting!) 01/21/2016 WEB BBB RECEIVED BUSINESS' REBUTTAL RESPONSE : ... 01/21/2016 10DV EMAIL Send Consumer Rebuttal - No New Offer - AJR 01/21/2016 Otto EMAIL Inform Business - Case ADMINISTRATIVELY CLOSED 01/21/2016 Otto BBB Case ADMINISTRATIVELY CLOSED So sometime between 2:00 pm and midnight on January 21th Sherriff-Goslin submitted a rebuttal. Then the BBB claims they sent us the rebuttal, they did not.

Then the BBB said we gave no new offer to the rebuttal we weren't sent. Then the BBB "AJR" our case. Then the BBB informed Sherriff-Goslin the case was "Administratively Closed". All this was done in a time span of less than 10 hours.

Anyone finding that hard to believe? The BBB betrayed us. Do you still trust the BBB now? We were not sent the rebuttal and were never given a chance to respond to the rebuttal.

Our case was "Administratively Judged Resolved" and then "Administratively Closed". We sent a final rebuttal anyways and emailed the BBB telling them we were going to expose their scam because of the way they closed our complaint. It was this shady deception by the BBB that lit the fire in our bellies to continue on and now link the BBB and the Sherriff-Goslin Company together as partners in a scam called the BBB! Does this action by the BBB promote trust in the workplace?

Wait, it gets better! At the beginning of the second rebuttal Steve Ticknor (Executive VP) stated: "I don't think this is the best forum to get into a point by point debate with the customer". In other words, Steve flat out refused to address any of the accusations we made. He didn't stop there.

Steve then fabricated a lie. He combined two separate emails from us. The BBB already had these emails in their possession, they were submitted in our original complaint. So the BBB already had the proof in their possession that proved Steve was lying!

Steve declared we said this: "he told Craig he would accept the small gaps in the moldings on the overhang if we would cover the cost of re-sheathing the house". We challenge Steve, no we demand that Steve produce the email stating this. This:" he would accept the small gaps in the moldings" referred back to an email when we were still trying to get the corporation to step up and fix our overhang and we said we would accept small gaps in the corners of the crown molding instead of the 3/4" gaps filled with caulk we had and still have. Isn't that right Steve?

We found out Sherriff-Goslin employed no one with the skill to restore our overhang. Restoring our overhang was the only reason we chose Sherriff-Goslin. We now know they lied to us and continue to lie to us today. As far as covering the cost of re-sheathing, they had their chance to do the roof right the first time.

Our original contract called for all sheathing to be extra. This quality roofing company determined sheathing wasn't necessary. Isn't that right Steve? Before Sherriff-Goslin tore off our old roof, the shingles had always laid flat (we have pictures).

Also Ben said "We wouldn't ask you to." when we said we wouldn't pay another penny more for what was needed to fix his *** (rubbish). Isn't that right Ben? So Sherriff-Goslin forced us to accept an overhang that was *** (rubbish) in order to get them to step up and put on a good roof. Steve fabricated a lie to cover their xxx (derriere).

Isn't that right Steve Ticknor? Like we said above the BBB didn't care what was in this rebuttal. Even with Steve refusing to address any of our accusations, even when we proved Steve was lying, the BBB "Administratively Closed" our case using "AJR"! When we asked the BBB why our case was close they stated this: "Their rebuttal seems to address all the issues".

Since it was the BBB's "Judgement", we asked the BBB multiple times what they saw in Sherriff-Goslin's rebuttal that seems to address all the accusations we made. They out right refused to answer every time! Isn't that right BBB? We say you’re lying , unless you want to step up and tell what the BBB saw in Steve's rebuttal that addressed all the accusations we made!

For all practical purpose the BBB has suppressed our complaint on their site. They only posted a summary of our complaint, leaving out all proof offered for the accusations made. They included both Sherriff-Goslin rebuttals but left out our final rebuttal. The rebuttal where we proved Steve Ticknor was lying!

Isn't that right BBB? What we will now reveal below, the BBB and their client the Sherriff-Goslin Company would prefer you didn't know! We will talk about the BBBs’ A+ rating, AJR policy and the “Pay to Play” scam. We will give you our opinion why the government can't stop the "Biggest Scam in America" called the BBB.

We will show you why the Sherriff-Goslin Company has earned the dobious distinction of being the poster child for the "Biggest Scam in America". If the BBB's A+ rating was meaningless, wouldn't that make the BBB one big scam? When you *** the hand that’s feeding you, do they stop feeding you? When the BBB lowers their A+ rating for an accredited company, does that company stop paying the BBB to be accredited?

We should all know by now the BBB derives their revenue directly from large businesses and corporations, and a lot of small scared ones. These businesses are paying the BBB to be A+ accredited! They are paying the BBB to keep their rating A+! They “Pay to Play”!

These businesses are the BBB's clients. Not we the consumer and not the unaccredited businesses who they punish by lowering their ratings until they consent to pay and become BBB accredited (the "Pay to Play" scam)! How do businesses get an A+ rating? All BBB accredited and unaccredited businesses start with an A+ rating.

There is no way to earn the A+ rating. Accredited clients keep their A+ rating by paying the BBB. There are different levels of accreditation. By paying for the highest level of accreditation businesses can have negative reviews and complaints suppressed!

We have found multiple complaints stating this. Dispute this BBB. Tell us you’re not doing this. We have proof you are!

Think of the relationship the BBB has with their accredited clients as a symbiotic relationship. They are interdependent on each other. Companies like Sherriff-Goslin needs a business like the BBB to rate them A+ and scam the public into believing they’re a quality company. The BBB needs companies like Sherriff-Goslin that aren't quality companies but will pay to appear to be a quality company.

This gives the BBB revenue to exist and pay their directors and personal to run the scam. It's a win win for both of them. We the consumers (public) are the losers. We get financially and emotionally hurt.

Like most scam they don't care as long as they keep making money! Think about it, Sherriff-Goslin and the BBB are made for each other. In our opinion, they both lack any integrity! Does this relationship between the BBB and their paying clients promote trust in the workplace for the consumers?

We say: "No way"! More than a few consumers have stated "The fox is guarding the hen house!" The BBB has to keep their paying clients happy to maintain their revenue. Do they favor the consumer or do they favor their paying clients? If you were a business paying the BBB to be A+ accredited, would you continue to pay the BBB after they lowered your rating to a B?

What would be the point? Have you ever seen an advertisement for a business stating that they're a BBB accredited B rated company! See the dilemma? The BBB can't lower the rating for accredited clients without losing them as paying clients!

The only way the BBB could be trusted is for the BBB to be completely free of payments from the businesses they are rating! But then where would they get their money to operate and to pay their grossly overpaid directors running this protection scam called the BBB! Why can't the government stop this scam? The meaning of "Rate" is "to estimate the value or worth".

The BBB states; "The role of the BBB isn't to judge the quality of a company's products or services, nor is it to recommend certain companies over others.", "BBB ratings are not a guarantee of a business's reliability or performance.", "BBB ratings represent the BBB's opinion of how the business is likely to interact with its customers.", "The BBB recommends that consumers consider a business’s BBB rating in addition to all other available information about the business." Think about all these BBB statements. Now, tell us what the BBB's A+ rating means? Are you a little confused? We still are!

This is why our government can't close down this scam. The BBB is stating their A+ rating doesn't have any real meaning or use! The BBB's A+ rating does not "estimate the value or worth" of a business! Isn't that right BBB?

Using one of the statements from above: "BBB ratings represent the BBB's opinion of how the business is likely to interact with its customers". We can say that it is the BBB's opinion that breaking contracts, lying to customers, disrespecting customers, committing fraud and taking a year to do a five week job are acceptable interactions for a BBB A+ accredited business to have with its customers. Isn't that right BBB? And according to the BBB any accredited A+ company doing so deserves to keep their A+ rating!

Isn't that right Phil Catlett, President of the BBB serving Western Michigan? Dispute this Phil! You to Terry Glenn, Director of Operations of the BBB serving Western Michigan and Leslie Baughn, Manager, Operational Standards and Assessments of the CBBB. These three individuals have all stated our BBB complaint was handled correctly according to BBB policies.

The policies they make up! Isn't that right boys? Isn't that right BBBs and CBBB? The BBB would lower any unaccredited company's rating if they were caught breaking a contract, lying to a customer, disrespecting a customer, committing fraud or taking a year to do a five week job.

Isn't that right BBB? That's why we say unaccredited businesses are held to a higher standard than accredited business! Unaccredited businesses seem to be scrutinized for any little mishap where accredited businesses can get away with murder, as long as they make a rebuttal that seems to address all the issues. Isn't that right BBB?

Want one more statement by the BBB proving our point? The BBB states "BBB accreditation does not mean that the business' products or services have been evaluated or endorsed by BBB, or that BBB has made a determination as to the business' product quality or competency in performing services. Again, what is the meaning of the BBB's A+ rating. How should we use a rating that doesn't mean anything?

We have proven the BBB says it's ok for an A+ business to break contracts, lie, show disrespect, commit fraud and taking a year to do a five week job. So they can't be rating the truth, honesty, trust and integrity of a business. Is the BBB lying when they say their accredited businesses must abide by the "BBB's Code of Business Practices"? Sherriff-Goslin broke 4 out of 8 them.

Please BBB, dispute this. So is the BBB good for anything? Ah, that’s right. They claim they’re good for monitoring reviews and judging complaints (the ones they don't suppress) against one of their paying clients or an unaccredited business.

And that might be good if…...  Read on.        Who makes the BBBs’ policies? Who governs the BBBs? Did you guess the BBB/CBBB?

Does the BBB have to report all reviews and complaints filed against their paying clients? Take a guess! The answer is no! Dispute this BBB!

The BBB does suppress negative ones! There are complaints filed against the BBB by small businesses stating the BBB told them they would suppress negative reviews if they chose to pay for the highest level of accreditation (protection)! Wouldn’t you think to have any trust in the BBB and their A+ rating they should report all reviews and complaints, good or bad? They don’t have to!

They make the rules. They sit in judgement of complaints filed against businesses. They judge if their client’s rebuttal against your complaint is truthful and addresses all the issues. But that's what their clients (accredited businesses) are paying them to do.

The BBB is a protection scam! The BBB protects their clients from all those pesky consumers who dare accused them of any wrong doings! Now let’s talk about AJR. After researching complaints filed against the BBB, we found no one knew what the initials AJR meant in a complaint status.

Yes we found complaints that said it meant “Administratively Closed”. Only partially correct! But no one knew what the initials AJR stood for. Starting in 2016 the BBB we dealt with said they no longer use the initials AJR in a complaint status.

Oops, they used it in ours! They now use “Administratively Closed”. Anyone want to guess what AJR stands for? Give up?

Ok, it stands for “Administratively Judged Resolved”. So what does that mean? It means the BBB has the right to "Administratively Close" any case (complaint) by the BBB "Administratively Judging" it to be "Resolved"! Why is that important?

One of the BBB's conditions for lowering a business’s rating is a complaint that goes unresolved. When a complaint goes unresolved for an unaccredited business the BBB lowers their rating. This is why small unaccredited businesses fear the BBB. They are coerced into paying the BBB to become accredited or to deal with the consequences.

The BBB lowers their rating! When the BBB knows a complaint will unresolved for one of their A+ accredited clients the BBB steps in and "Administratively Judges" the complaint "Resolved" and then "Administratively Closes" it, without out the consumer's consent who filed it. That’s how the “Pay to Play” scam works! This scam has been reported nationwide.

That’s how an "Administratively Closed" complaint is published and reported to you as “Resolved”. That’s how the BBBs are able to keep paying clients happy! Remember the BBB’s motto “Start with trust”! Ask all the consumers who had their complaints AJR and reported to you as "Resolved" if they have any trust in the BBB now!

Then understand that some reviews and complaints are suppressed. How many complaints has the BBB covered up and hid? We the consumers will never know! When the BBB covers up the truth about a company, their A+ rating becomes unreliable.

It no longer has any meaning. But then again, it never had any real meaning. The BBB will not lose a paying client! The BBB will not *** the hand that’s feeding them!

Who benefits from AJR? Not we, the consumer! The Sherriff-Goslin Company has only been BBB accredited since 2010. Shortly after we submitted our complaint the BBB had 5 reviews, 4 of them were negative, and 24 complaints, only 7 were verified resolved by the consumer.

That's 17 negative complaints out of 24 that were AJR (Administratively Judged Resolved by the BBB)! Today the BBB still shows 5 reviews, but now only shows 20 complaints. 4 complaints have been suspiciously removed. Soon there will be more removed!

We have screen captures to prove this. We would ask the BBB what has happened to 4 complaints, but what would be the point. The BBB makes their own policies and governs themselves. Who does the removal of 4 negative complaints benefit?

Does it help or hurt Sherriff-Goslin's rating? Are you starting to see our point? We will be watching! We will let you know when the BBB removes our complaint for Sherriff-Goslin.

It's just a matter of time! Isn't that right BBB? Can you see why the BBB no longer wants to use "AJR" in a complaint status now? It doesn't really matter.

Instead of consumers asking what does "AJR" mean, they can now ask what does "Administratively Close" mean. "Administratively Close" means the BBB "Administratively Judged" your case to be "Resolved" so they could "Administratively Close" your complaint and label it "Resolved". Right BBB and CBBB? What a scam!

Consumers believe and trust the BBB will judge all complaints without bias. Consumers believe all reviews and complaints are reported. We say “WAKE UP”! Big businesses influence our political system.

Are you telling us they have no influence over the BBB, a business who they pay to rate them A+? Do you know who comprises the majority of the Directors of the BBB and CBBB? It just couldn't be CEOs or former CEOs of big companies, could it? If the picture isn’t clear by now, we can’t help you!

But please humor us and try this. Use every search engine on the internet. Search for this phrase, including the quotation marks: “BBB is a Scam”. Now try to tell us the BBB A+ rating means something.

We found more complaints against the BBB than any other business on the internet. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, wouldn't you say it's a duck? Businesses pay the BBB to keep their rating A+. The BBB has no choice, they have to keep rating them A+ or lose them as a paying client!

If it looks like a Scam, acts like a Scam, people get hurt like a Scam, why wouldn’t you say it’s a Scam! WAKE UP, the "BBB is a Scam"! Sherriff-Goslin is not a quality company. What they did to us was despicable.

But you should thank them. They have become the poster child for the "Biggest Scam in America". They are a shining example of why the "BBB is a Scam". It was their actions that gave us the proof we needed to prove the "BBB is a Scam"!

Isn't that right Phil Catlett, Terry Glenn, all BBBs and the CBBB (Council of Better Business Bureaus)? It was their actions that proved the "Pay to Play" scam is practiced by all BBBs! Everyone can now refer to this review for Sherriff-Goslin as an example and proof that the BBB is the "Biggest Scam in America"! All companies who are BBB accredited know they are participating in a scam.

Because the public still believes in the BBB, most small companies have no choice but to become BBB accredited. They have to, or they have to deal with the fact the BBB will rate them lower than accredited BBB companies (the “Pay to Play” scam). If the BBB treated both accredited and unaccredited businesses equally, why would any business want to pay the BBB to be accredited? That wouldn't make any sense!

We have proven accredited businesses are held to lower standard than unaccredited businesses. Isn't that the real reason businesses are paying the BBB to be accredited. And yet there are still people that don't think the "BBB is a Scam"! If you use the BBB and its' A+ rating a lot, sooner or later you find the truth out for yourself!

You can't tell us we didn't warn you. You can't tell us we dropped the ball, we have done as much as we can to get the truth out. Just search the internet for "BBB is a Scam"! Who are the major players running the BBB scam?

Use any search engine on the internet and search for "CBBB Board of Directors". Here you can find the members of the CBBB Board of Directors. These individuals make BBB's policies and procedures. These individuals govern the BBBs.

These individuals make big bucks running the "Biggest Scam in America". A lot of them are currently working for big well-known companies. These companies are not only participating in the BBB scam, they employ the people who help run the scam. Here are some companies who have executives working for the CBBB/BBBs (listed on the CBBB web site as of 4/4/2017): Verizon, The Procter and Gamble Company, Duracell, Mead Johnson Nutrition, New Avon LLC, Lucid Agency, Google, Cascadia Business Development, Chown Inc, Hialeah Terrace, Summit Security Company, Universal Links Inc, the Coca-Cola Company.

Are you shocked that these companies would be involved in the BBB scam? Why do they currently have executives serving the CBBB? These people and their respective companies are directly responsible for running this scam called the BBB. Right Mary E.

Power (President and Chief Executive Officer CBBB), Richard Woods (Vice President, General Counsel CBBB), Kip Morse (President, Institute For Marketplace Trust Board) and George Schell ((CBBB Chair) Chief Marketing Counsel (Coca-Cola Company)). There are many more! We would love to have the last four people respond. They all have pretty good credentials.

Please tell us what made you lower yourself into running the "Biggest Scam in America". Please, enlighten us. Or please tell us why this review doesn't prove the BBB is a scam! Do it soon.

America is starting to wake up to your scam. All the consumers that had their cases closed by AJR are starting to rebel against your beloved BBB and the companies you protect. Here is your chance to put a stop to that! We don't think you can dispute the fact the "BBB is a scam".

Maybe you could resort to character assignation like most of your A+ accredited businesses do, when they don't have a believable rebuttal. You know, just blame it all on the consumer filing the complaint. It's not your fault they trusted the BBB and thought your A+ rating actually meant something. Isn't that right Mary E.

Power? How much do you get paid to run the "Biggest Scam in America"? It must be enough to help you live with yourself. Your actions are hurting a lot of innocent people.

That's what scams do! And Mary, you and your BBBs are not promoting trust in the work place anymore. So explain to us why the BBB still needs to exist! You have failed in your mission to promote trust in the workplace!

We will avoid all BBB accredited businesses now, knowing they're just part of the "Biggest Scam in America"! All views expressed in this review are our own and do not necessarily represent the Sherriff-Goslin Company's, the BBBs', the CBBB's and the companies and people named in the above paragraphs, positions, strategies or opinions. All you small businesses who haven't been coerced into paying the BBB to become accredited yet. If your customers ask you why you’re not a BBB A+ accredited business, print this review out.

Tell them you’re better than BBB A+ accredited businesses. Give them the copy of this review. Tell them you refused to be a part of the "Biggest Scam in America". And because of that you’re actually a lot more reliable than BBB accredited businesses.

You’re not paying the BBB to run interference and protect you. You are standing on your own record, not some meaningless A+ rating. Lets make sure we give the Sherriff-Goslin Company, the poster child for the "Biggest Scam in America", the full reconition they deserve. They have earned it!

It was their despicable behavior towards us and their willingness to lie about it in their BBB rebuttal that poved the BBB and their accredited clients are just running a scam. It was the BBB's meaningless A+ rating, AJR ploicy and “Pay to Play” scam that earned the BBB the distinction of being the "Biggest Scam in America".

Are you proud of this Mary E. Power?

Product or Service Mentioned: Sherriff Goslin Roofing Roofing.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $32500.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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Mansfield, Ohio, United States #1328721

Don't ever work for this company- bunch of *** doing every thing they can to scam you and poor quality work- really disgusting bunch of people!! Mansfield Ohio branch

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